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Endoscopy Centre

Our Endoscopy Centre was established 9 years ago where major endoscopy surgical processors could be done on an outpatient basis with out resorting to hospitalisation our centre has been most referred Endoscopy centre in Jamaica.

Our centre offers  sub facilites like  flexible

Sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy,Pegtube variety of specialisation. This Centre Has excellent facilities by well equipped  dedicated  medical and surgical care unit.

Everything at this Centre is designed keeping in mind the comfort of our patients. The serene environment and advanced facilities create a positive ambience that is conducive to healing.

Providing you with the best doctor for the best care

Dr. Mohammad Wasiq Khan

These Centres are headed by Dr. Wasiq Khan 

MBBS, MS (FellowShip in Endoscopy) and having Experience of more than 10 Years

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Tel: (876) 332-8677 / 391-2786 

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